CONDITIONALS: The third conditional structure 1 | level: Intermediate
REMEMBER: The third conditional is used to talk about unreal situations in the past
(things that were impossible, that didn’t happen, etc.)
Choose the correct response for each of the sentences: (ANSWERS AT THE BOTTOM)
1. If she hadn’t told him, he _________.
a) will never find out     b) would have never found out
2. I _________ this is you hadn’t asked me.
a) would never have done     b) didn’t do
3. If I _________ about this, I would have told you.
a) know     b) had known
4. If they ________ to rest they would not have been so tired.
a) have stopped     b) had stopped
5. I ________ that he’s 38 years old if he hadn’t told me.
a) wouldn’t have guessed     b) didn’t guess
6. If I hadn’t seen that movie last week, I ________ to see it with you yesterday.
a) would go     b) would have gone
7. If you ________ the money that you owe me, I would have been able to go out last
a) had returned     b) returned
8. Thomas wouldn’t have bought the jacket if it ________ on sale.
a) hadn’t been     b) wouldn’t be
9. If you _________ me, I wouldn’t have known about the party.
a) haven’t called     b) hadn’t called
10. Tina would have called you if you ________ her your number.
a) would give     b) had given
1) b   2) a   3) b    4) b   5) a   6) b   7) a   8) a   9) b   10) b

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