Watch this report about the English pub. Then answer the questions about each of the different sections in the clip.

Section 1 Outside the pub (start to 1.09)
Listen to section 1 and choose the correct answer.
a The pub is in Hertford / Salisbury / London.
b Richard gives 2 / 3 / 4 examples of why the pub is typical.
c It’s named after a person / town / coat.
d The pub was built in 1800 / 1400 / 1570.

Section 2 Inside the pub (1.09 to 2.10)
Try to match the beginnings and endings of these sentences
A new popular place to drink is…       …the public bar.
Drinks may be more expensive in…      …the beer garden.
You can’t smoke anywhere in…      …the lounge bar.
Working men prefer…      …the pub.

Section 3 In the lounge bar (2.10 to 4.06)
a What kind of drink does Richard order?
b What’s the name of the drink that he orders?
c Does Jackie want bitter, lager or cider?
d How much change do they get back?

Section 4 The secret of a successful pub (4.10 to end)
a What is the bartender’s answer to Jackie’s question?
b What is another word for ‘shorts’?
c How old is the malt whisky?
d The trophies in the bar have been won for which sport?

You can self-correct the activity by reading the transcript…

British icons: the pub

Jackie: Well, it’s a lovely summer’s day and we’re standing outside in a very small town north of London called Hertford and we’re standing outside the Salisbury Arms because for this week’s podcastsinenglish.com, as part of our British icons series, we’re going to be looking at the British pub, aren’t we, Richard?

Richard: Yes, indeed. And this is a typical British pub um… it’s in the middle of the summer so in common with a lot of English pubs, it’s got lots of very pretty hanging baskets full of flowers outside. It’s also, in the traditional sense, it’s also got a swinging sign, which has a picture of the coat of arms, presumably of the a…

Jackie: Would it be Lord Salisbury?

Richard: Lord Salisbury I suppose yes, although it was formally known as The Bell, prior to 1800.

Jackie: Well, actually Richard if you look at the top it says 1570, so goodness, how old is that pub then?

Richard: It’s about… over 400 years old.

Jackie: That’s amazing.

Richard: And it looks like a lot of pubs, very dark inside, but anyway, let’s go inside and have a drink.

Jackie: Sounds like a good idea to me. So we’ve come inside the pub and like many, um… old fashioned British pubs, there’s a choice of places to go to. There’s the public bar, the lounge bar, and the beer garden.

Richard: Yes, the public bar is normally the working man’s bar, if you like, and then the lounge bar is a bit more posh, it’s got the posh carpets on the floor and may be even, you might be charged an extra penny or two on your beer. And I think the newest thing is the beer garden um… the weather in England is much better now than it used to be so they’re often having a lot of very popular beer gardens outside.

Jackie: And of course, the first thing that um… we’ve noticed since we’ve come in here is the fact that it’s just not smoky anymore.

Richard: No, thank goodness for that. Anyway, shall we get a drink from the lounge bar?

Jackie: Ok.

Richard: I’m in the lounge bar now and I’m speaking to the bartender, Jack, hello Jack.

Jack: Hello Richard.

Richard: Um… right, I’d like a, a beer please. What would you recommend?

Jack: Um… well, you can have either have a lager or you can have a bitter, a real ale.

Richard: Well, I think um… I’ll go traditional and have a real ale. I think you got some local beers here?

Jack: We do, we do, we have, um… there’s a local brewery and we have three of their ales at the moment. Um… we have their traditional one, which is AK. Um… a newish one, which is the Cask, the Cask ale, which is a fresh, like fresh, fruity type one and then the country bitter, which is quite, is quite popular in here. We also have guest ale which is a, not actually from McMullen the co… from the company here, it’s from a different county.

Richard: Oh ok. Great, well I’ll have a pint of country bitter, please.

Jackie: Um… I’ll have half a Strongbow, please, half a cider.

Jack: Er… would you like it on the tap, the Strongbow out of the tap or we have Bulmers out of a bottle or Woodpecker out of a bottle?

Jackie: I’ll have the draught cider, please.

Jack: Certainly.

Jackie: Great, thanks a lot Jack for that.

Richard: You have to pay for that as well I think.

Jackie: Oh, we pay, because we pay in advance in British pubs, don’t we, we pay when we buy the drinks.

Jack: Yes, you pay… I’ll serve you and then I’ll ask you for your money. That’s the way it goes.

Richard: Right, there you go Jack, and take one for yourself.

Jack: Thank you very much. That’s 15 pounds and 60 pence change, thank you very much.

Richard: Thank you very much.

Jackie: So Jack, what do you think is the secret of a successful pub, then?

Jack: Um… a good atmosphere. I think a good atmosphere is vital I think, er… especially in this country. In England, there’s a lot of *banter, and a lot of… Pubs are, **like, the real focus of, like, the community, sort of thing, so I think it’s a really good place to come with friends or even just to meet people and socialise. I think that if you’ve got a good atmosphere in your pub, you’re likely to make money, and you’re likely to have a good time.

Richard: Good and now, um, in er… in pubs in England smoking’s been banned, hasn’t it?

Jack: Yes, you can’t smoke.

Richard: Is that had an effect on, on the er… the atmosphere in pubs or whether they’re being as popular as before?

Jack: I think, I think, it has and it’s very different now. I think a lot of people used to come to pubs and have a smoke and have a drink. And er… now they can’t, obviously, they have to er… smoke outside or in designated smoking, smoking areas. So I think er…, I think, in the, for the first three months it’s going to have an adverse effect but, they, they’ll come back. People will come back I think, I don’t think that people stay away for long.

Richard: So people are staying away?Jack: People are staying away, yes, trade is down at the moment.

Richard: Oh ok, well that’s interesting. So Jack, we’ve talked about the beers and the lagers, what other drinks do you serve here?

Jack: Well, we sell shorts, um… like out of optics, they’re called optics, and er… basically they’re on the wall and it’s a 25 ml shot type thing.

Richard: So when you say shorts they’re spirits?

Jack: They’re spirits, yeah and usually you have them with a mixer.

Richard: And what were the popular ones you’ve got here?

Jack: Um… vodka, the house vodka which is Vladivar and um… Gordon’s gin which is usually drunk with tonic water.

Richard: Ok, and a few Scotches there as well, Scotch whisky.

Jack: Yes, well, in here we actually have Bells as our house and then we have lot of malt whisky which is, like, 10 years old, 15 years old, the whole range for different, like, tastes and…

Richard: Ok, and I see amongst the whisky there you’ve got a couple of trophies, what are they doing there?

Jack: They’re golf trophies. They’re, they’re the manger’s golf trophies – he likes to show those off.

Richard: [laughs] Ok, ***cos often in pubs you have darts teams, have you got a darts team here?

Jack: We don’t have a darts team; we don’t have a dartboard.

Richard: Oh right, ok, it’s a traditional pub.Jack: It’s a traditional English pub.

Jackie: Well, thank you very much Jack.

Richard: Cheers Jack, thanks very much.

Jack: Thanks guys.



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