This Nike ad was released in August this year. The underlying idea is that we are all capable of a little more.

Self-study activity:
Watch the ad and complete the gaps in the transcript with the missing words.


Listen, if you can run a (1) ,,, , run a (2) … .
You know what? Run a marathon.
Outrun a movie star.
If you can ride a (3) … , ride that thing.
Ride a (4) … . Ride a, ride a tougher (4) … .
Let’s watch this.
What kind of (4) … is that?
If you can move your (5) … , if you can dance, move your legs, move your feet, move the ball.
Is that Pique? (6) … the goal.
Yeah, that is Pique.
You like to fight?
Well pick on someone your own (7) … .
Pick on someone twice your (7) … .
Pick on him.
That’s not good.
Oh, uh… lesson learned.
If you can play table tennis, serve like that, (8) … the champ, (8) … her mentor.
C’mon you got this.
(8) … Serena.
If you can (8) … your friend one-on-one, (8) … him.
(9) … it, take it.
Sorry, girls.
Now, take your talents to the streets.
(8) … the street (10) … legend.
That’s good.
(8) … that guy.
(11) …   … .
We’ve been waiting for this.
That was nice.
Good luck with that.

1 mile 2 race 3 bike 4 bull 5 hip 6 Score 7 size 8 beat 9 Steal 10 court 11 Hold on


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